Patient Information

Who Are We?

Medical Billing Service (MBS) offers doctors a comprehensive medical billing facility which is flexible, confidential and professional.

Operating since 1999, Medical Billing Service has developed years of expertise in billing. We provide billing services to Doctors Australia Wide. Our staff are friendly and willing to assist you with any questions.

Why have I received an invoice from Medical Billing Service?

Medical Billing Service is a registered billing agent that works on behalf of our clients .  We have issued an invoice to you based on the information provided by your doctor, our client.

What is a Co-Payment?

A Co-Payment is an out of pocket amount that is not claimable from Medicare or your Private Health Fund.

Third Party Claims

Do you have a valid TAC or Workcover claim?  Please ensure you have lodged the correct paperwork to initiate a claim.  Medical Billing Service requires a Claim Number, Accident Date and Insurance Company to lodge a claim on your behalf.  Contact Us

I have Private Health Insurance

If you have received an invoice from us and you have Private Health insurance it may be that we are unable to claim directly on your behalf.  Alternatively it may be that our Client (your Doctor) did not have these details to pass onto us at the time. In this case, please Contact Us to have your record updated and the account redirected.

Can I claim this account?

In some cases we may have had to send the full account to yourself. Once paid in full you will be issued a receipt that can be used to claim the benefit from Medicare and your Health Fund.  Any account that is for a Co-Payment is NOT claimable from Medicare or your Health Fund.  If you are unsure please Contact Us

How can I pay my account?

Direct Deposit – Refer to the bottom of the invoice for our bank details and Lodgement ID.  Credit Card – Please fill in the slip at the bottom of the invoice and return to our office. Alternatively you can call us with your credit card details.  Cheque/Money Order – payable to Medical Billing Service and send to our postal address along with the bottom section of the invoice