Provider Information

    How to register

    We accept billing from both Australian and Overseas providers, operating at any private/public hospital or approved day facility within Australia.

    • Please ensure you can give us a provider number that is reserved only for the use of Medical Billing Service. This is so that the private health funds will send payment and correspondence to the correct address. You can set up a additional provider number if required here.
    • Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions prior to contacting us.
    • Drop by our office – Suite 404, 55 Flemington Road NORTH MELBOURNE 3051
    • Phone – (03)8379 3555 (option 3)
    • or complete the Online Query form on this page.
    • We will provide you with all the necessary Gap Cover registration forms, which need to be signed and returned to us. This includes a ‘Pay Group’ link with Medicare which will link your provider number to our mailing address. The Medicare form will also allow us to handle any Veteran Affairs, TAC, Workcover or Bulk Billing on your behalf.

    Help us Provide a Better Service

    1. Ensure that you have an active Medicare Provider Number for our exclusive use.
    2. Provide all patient details (Medicare Number, Health Insurance and membership number, date of birth, address, referring doctor/primary surgeon etc) as required on our billing sheet or via our app.
    3. Be contactable so that we can request clinical notes or extra details where required. Your response will impact on our ability to recover payment for rejected claims.
    4. If you receive any cheques or benefit statements from Medicare or Private Health funds, please notify us and forward the benefit statement to us so we can update our records accordingly.